Here is the list of our contributions:

Monday 16:50
GNSS Earth Observation

Regional snow parameter monitoring in remote areas – integration of space assets within the ESA IAP SnowSense Demo Project
Florian Appel / presentation


Tuesday 08:00
Agriculture – Global

Earth Observation for Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture
Heike Bach / presentation


Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday
Methods & Products Posters

Improvement of automatic atmospheric correction including cirrus correction using the enhanced spectral capabilities of Sentinel-2
Inga Weiss / Poster METH-94


Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday
Land Posters

Determination of winter wheat phenology in Bavaria – a contribution to regional crop health monitoring from space
Lena Brüggemann / Poster LAND-179

myEOrganics – a Mobile App Supporting Organic Certification from Space
Silke Migdall / Poster LAND-181

Determination of Yield Potential using Optical Satellite Imagery and Crop Growth Modelling
Martina Hodrius / Poster LAND-170

Implementation of Sentinel-2 data in the M4Land system for the generation of continuous information products in agriculture
Philipp Klug / Poster LAND-167


Wednesday 08:20
Agriculture – Farming

Tracing Crop Nitrogen Dynamics on the Field-Scale by combining Multisensoral EO data with an integrated Process Model – A Validation Experiment for Cereals in Southern Germany
Tobias Hank (LMU) & Heike Bach(VISTA)/ Presentation


Wednesday 15:20
Vegetation Parameters 1

Potentials and limitations of optical and RADAR satellite imagery for grassland monitoring
Marion Buddeberg / Presentation