Current and completed projects

Project nameName of clientType of work performed and role of VistaStart and completion year
Nnnovative – Development and validation of demand-oriented services to support an optimised use of nitrogen fertilisers in agricultureBavarian State Ministry of Economics and EnergyThe aim of the project is the development and validation of demand-oriented services to support an optimised use of nitrogen fertilisers in agriculture. Heterogeneous and comprehensive environmental data (Copernicus data, meteorological data, site specific management data, geobase data, yield measurements) will be used for this purpose with innovative modelling and data analysis approaches and will be linked in a service tailored to the needs of the users.2019 – 2020
Project Website
European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programmeThe ExtremeEarth project develops extreme earth analytics techniques and technologies that scale to the petabytes of big Copernicus data, information and knowledge, and applies these technologies in two of the ESA TEPs: Food Security and Polar.2019 – 2021
VieWBayBavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer ProtectionThe objective of the joint project ViewBay funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Environment and Consumer Protection and supported by the Bavarian State Office for Environment is the precise calculation and documentation of spatial and temporal dynamics of water and material flows. The study area is the hydrological catchment area of Bavaria.
For this purpose, VISTA GmbH generates high-resolution, nationwide timeseries of environmental parameters. This information is largely derived from the Copernicus environmental satellites Sentinel 1A/B as well as Senitnel 2A/B and further free of charge remote sensing satellites. The environmental parameters and their timeseries will be provided with a spatial resolution of 10 m for all arable areas in Bavaria.
2018 – 2021

Virtual Water Values


Federal Ministry of Education and Research/PTKAViWA aims at developing and using a global, high-spatial and -temporal resolution, remote sensing based management and monitoring system for the efficiency and sustainability of water use in agriculture and competing sectors. This enables to transparently and neutrally assess the progress in achieving water-related SDGs through more efficient use of water. The monitored high resolution data allows ViWa to consider both the “global” and the “local” in developing, formulating and analyzing trade-offs of practice-relevant solution options for a more sustainable and efficient use of water resources including a more environment-friendly trade with virtual water.
Prime: LMU Munich.
2017 – 2020
SattGrünFederal Office for Agriculture and Food / Federal Ministry of Food and AgricultureWithin the project, decision support systems for the management of grassland based on satellite data and modelling will be developed. They are intended to support farmers with regard to optimal mowing dates, fertilization and practicability of the areas. VISTA will work together with FarmFacts to develop a site-specific information service and thus work on offering the TalkingFields service for grassland areas as well. Project leader: Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF).2017 – 2020
Food Security TEP


European Space Agency ESA/ESRINThe innovative Food Security Thematic Exploitation Platform (FS-TEP) of ESA will foster smart agricultural and aquacultural applications in the scientific, private and public domain with immediate access to Earth Observation (EO) data, other related data and data processing tools.2017 – 2019

A Decision-Analytic Framework to explore the water-energy-food NExus in complex and trans-boundary water resources systems of fast growing developing countries

DAFNE website

European Commission – Horizon 2020The overall objective of DAFNE is to establish a decision-analytic framework (DAF) for participatory and integrated planning of Water ressources in trans-boundary river basins in Africa. The DAF will be developed for the two river systems of the Sambesi and Omo river, taking into account existing and planned infrastructure and engaging local stakeholders and academic expertise. VISTA will provide data derived from satellite images to characterise the space-time variability of key parameters such as Leaf Area Index, fractional vegetation cover, water body characteristics etc.
Partner: ETH Zürich(Lead), Politecnico di Milano, International Center for Research on the Environment and the Economy, KU Leuven, University of Aberdeen, Universität Osnabrück, International Water Management Institute, African Collaborative Centre for Earth System Science, University of Zambia, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Atec-3d Ltd, European Institute for Participatory Media EV
2016 – 2020

Enhanced Fire Risk Management through integration of C-/X- Band SAR Earth Observation Data and Environmental Modelling in Canada

DLR / CSAR&D project to maximize the interoperable and synergistic use of C- and X-band SAR datasets to derive soil and forest dynamic products in the fire risk context, together with Canadian Partner Hatfield Consultants2015 – 2018

User Needs and High-Level Requirements for Next Generation Observing Systems for the Polar Regions

European Space Agency ESA/ESRINThe Polaris program will guide the development of the next generation of space infrastructure to support both scientific and operational information needs in the rapidly evolving Polar Regions.Study with Polar View Earth Observation Ltd (lead) , C-Core, VTT and Airbus DS2015 – 2016

IAP Demonstration Project

ESA IAP SnowSense DP

European Space Agency ESA/ESTECUsing satellite navigation, communication and remote sensing for timely access to high-quality and reliable information on snow Partners: ANAVS GmbH, LMU München2015 – 2018

Winter Road Maintainance – IAP Feasability Study

European Space Agency ESA/ESTECSpace Based Services for Winter Road Maintenance.Partners:Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik (lead), BRIMATECH Services, TeleConsult Austria2014 – 2015
SSEP Info-as-a-Service Stimulus

User Needs and High-Level Requirements for Next Generation Observing Systems for the Polar Regions

European Space Agency ESA/ESRINProject to increase value and use of Copernicus (satellite data through the establishment of Information-as-a-Service applications
by the linkage earth science with business environmente. Vista is performing use cases in the hydrological and agricultutural domain. Partner: T-Systems and ZEBRIS
2014 – 2015

Earth Observation Needs and Opportunities to Support Sustainable Agriculture and Development


European Space Agency ESA/ESRINVISTA is in charge of project coordination and management, the assessment of geo-information and EO monitoring needs.Partners: LMU Munich – Department of Geography, Institute for the World Economy (IfW), Kiel2013 – 2016

Maximizing the Exploitation of Linked Open Data In Enterprise and Science


EC 7th Framework Programme Collaborative Research ProjectTo combine multiple open data streams (including Earth Observation and government data) to develop innovative services in a broad range of societal benefit areas. VISTA is contributing by a site-specific information service for land management.
Partners: University of Reading (project coordinator), eight SMEs (incl. VISTA), two large companies and five research organization.
2013 – 2015

Linked Open Earth Observation Data for Precision Farming


EC 7th Framework Programme Collaborative Research ProjectDevelopment of software tools that support the whole life cycle of reuse of linked open EO data and related linked geospatial data.
To demonstrate the benefits of linked open EO data and its combination with linked geospatial data to the European economy, a precision farming application is developed that is heavily based on such data.
Partners: NKUA (project coordinator), CWI, SPACEAPPS, VISTA, PC AGRAR
2013 – 2015

IAP Fast Track Feasability Study

European Space Agency ESA/ESTECUsing satellite navigation, communication and remote sensing for timely access to high-quality and reliable information on snow2013 – 2014

Mobile technology supporting sustainable agriculture


EC European Mobile & Mobility Industries Alliance (EMMIA)Development of a large scale demonstrator to show how to efficiently organise the regional support of emerging industries linked to innovative mobile services for organic certifiers in green farming.
VISTA: Technical lead, Partners: BavAIRia e.V. (project coordinator), Ecocert, Infopole, PC Agrar
2013 – 2015

Development of operational products and services for GMES


Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and TechnologyDevelopment of operational GMES services in the context of agriculture, water quality and quantity, environment and climate protection.
VISTA: Project Manager, Partner: EOMAP, RSS, T-Sytems, ZEBRIS
2012 – 2015
M4LandGerman Aerospace Center DLRModel-based, multi-temporal and multi-sensor derivation of continuous land-management information;
Research and development project in collaboration with the University of München (LMU), where new methods for model based image analyses are developed.
2012 – 2014
Insurance Flood Mapping ServiceEuropean Space Agency ESA/ESRINTrial of an operational Flood Mapping Service for the Reinsurance Industry
2012 – 2013

Climate Induced Changes on the Hydrology of Mediterranean Basins – Reducing Uncertainty and Quantifying


EC 7th Framework Programme Collaborative Research ProjectHydrological modelling in 2 Mediterranean catchments using remote sensing data as input under consideration of climate change
Partner: LMU München (Project Coordinator)
2010 – 2013

satellite techniques for precision farming


European Space Agency ESA/ESTECDemonstration study for the integrative application of satellite techniques for agricultural services VISTA: Project Manager
Partner: LMU München, PC Agrar GmbH
2010 – 2013
Polar View

GMES Service  Element


European Space Agency ESA/ESRINProvision of operational, remote sensing based snow services for the Alps and Central Europe, VISTA: Snow service coordination
Project coordination by C-Core (Canada)
2005 – 2013

Integrated Water Resources Management in Central Asia: Model Region Mongolia

UFZ Magdeburg / Federal Ministry of Education and ResearchSatellite data analysis for Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) Magdeburg2011 – 2012
EORGANICEuropean Space Agency ESA/ESRINFeasibility study for the development of remote sensing indicators for discrimination between organic and conventional fields, Role: Project partner
Coordination by Keyobs (BE)
2009 – 2012
RapidSARGerman Aerospace Center DLRIntegrative use of multitemporal RapideEye and TerraSAR-X data for agricultural monitoring
Partner: LMU Munich
2009 – 2012
ASAR soil moisture maps for the SMOS-validation studyGerman Aerospace Center DLRProvision of large scale soil moisture maps with high spatial resolution, based on ENVISAT ASAR sensor
Subcontract from LMU Munich
2007 – 2011

satellite techniques for precision farming

European Space Agency ESA/ESTECFeasibility study for the integrative application of satellite techniques for agricultural services
VISTA: Project Manager
Partner: LMU München, PC Agrar GmbH, Land-Data Eurosoft GmbH
2008 – 2009
Sentinel-3 Land scene generator for Optical System Performance SimulatorThales Alenia FranceModel and Software development for a land scene generator to simulate realistic Sentinel-3 data
Partner: NLR (NL)
2008 – 2009
River monitoring of MainTechnical college Kassel and UFZ LeipzigMonitoring of surface of water with the hyperspectral sensor AVIS for deduction of phytoplankton, dissolved matter and macrophyte.2008 – 2009
Hyperspectral data analyses for agricultural applications in the frame of ENMAP Geoforschungszentrum PotsdamLiterature review and consulting services to select methods for hyperspectral data analyses relevant for agricultural applications2008 – 2009
Integration of Earth Observation within the reinsurance industryEuropean Space Agency ESA/ESRINAnalyses of satellite data for reinsurance industry
Subcontractor of an consortium led by SERTIT, F
2004 – 2009
Kazakhstan environmental monitoringRegierungsbaumeister Schlegel GmbH on behalf of the Government of KazakhstanSatellite based monitoring of natural preserve areas (lake district) and their temporal evolution2008
Simulation of ENMAP-like hyperspectral land scenes

using radiative transfer models

Geoforschungszentrum PotsdamSimulation of realistic data of the future hyperspectral satellite sensor EnMAP2007 – 2008

research network on “Precision agriculture as technique for sustainable agricultural land use”

BMBF (German Ministry for Education and Research)Canopy status assessment using remote sensing for model based yield estimation2005 – 2007

Water in Africa – Internationally shared transboundary Aquifer Management

European Space Agency ESA/ESRINVISTA was responsible for revised land use classification and large scale water balance  modelling in the SASS and Iullemeden aquifer
Subcontractor of an International consortium led by GAF AG, DE
2004 – 2007
Generation of a Drainage Masterplan

Using Satellite Data, Standardized GIS-Methods and Hydraulic Modelling

European Space Agency ESA/ESRINDevelopment of an operational processing chain for using  satellite data for urban drainage planning
Partner: Regierungsbaumeister Schlegel GmbH
2006 – 2007
GMES / Sentinel-1 preparatory studyEuropean Space Agency ESA/ESTECDemonstration of an operational soil moisture retrieval scheme form microwave satellite data (ASAR on ENVISAT)2005 – 2006
Satellite Imagery/Data Analysis Study along with Ground Truth and Meteorological MonitoringWorld BankMonitoring of land use and water consumption by crops through irrigation, water balance assessment
Subcontractor in a project led by GAF AG, D
2004 – 2006
MASS-SER-D – Multiple Application Support Service SystemEuropean Space Agency ESA/ESRINDevelopment of the web service and provision of daily information of snow covered area, the snow line, clouds and snow free areas using optical imagery2003 – 2005
Phase B studies for SPECTRA

Mission Concept using Earth System Models and Land Surface Experiments

European Space Agency ESA/ESTECValidation and accuracy assessments for a planned hyperspectral ESA mission using radiative transfer models
Subcontractor of an International consortium led by University of Strasbourg,
2003 – 2005

Integration of remote sensing data in operational water balance and flood prediction modelling

German Aerospace Center (DLR)Development of operational image analyses processing chains for hydrological applications. Information on soil moisture and snow cover for improvement of runoff prediction and flood forecast
Partner: LMU Munich, LUBW  Baden-Württemberg, LUWG Rheinland-Pfalz
2000 – 2005
Macrophyte classification of Steinhuder Meer based on satellite dataNiedersächsisches Landesamt für ÖkologieLake monitoring with multispectral satellite data2002
Simulation of SPECTRA scenes in the VIS-SWIR windowEuropean Space Agency ESA/ESTECSimulation of realistic data of the planned hyperspectral satellite sensor Spectra
Subcontractor of an International consortium led by NLR, NL
2001 – 2002
Multispectral analysis with AVIS using the example of sugar beetLIZ and Zuckerfabrik Pfeifer & LangenRemote sensing based monitoring of yield information of sugar beet cultivation
Partner: LMU München / GTCO
2001 – 2002
Long Term Earth Observation Market Development of ENVISAT

based Services Plain-Flood Monitoring

European Space Agency ESA/ESRINMarket development of ENVISAT data for flood-mapping Subcontractor of SERTIT, F2001 – 2005
Monitoring of snow cover dynamics using satellite dataLFU Landesanstalt für Umweltschutz Baden-WürttembergMonitoring of snow cover dynamics using optical and SAR sensors. Analysis of the potential of an operational service.1999 – 2000

– The Retrieval of Geo- and Bio-Physical Information from Remote Sensing Data

European Space Agency ESARetrieval of Geo- and Bio-Physical Information from multisensoral remote sensing data using ERS and optical sensors (TM, SPOT) with a model-based approach.
Role: Prime
1998 – 2000

Runoff and Atmospheric Processes for flood hazard for forecasting and control

European Union EUDevelopment, implementation and demonstration the use of coupled meteorological and hydrological models at the regional scale.
Role: Subcontractor of an International consortium led by Università di Brescia, I
1998 – 2000
Yield estimation using remote sensing dataMinisterium für Ernährung und Ländlicher Raum Baden WürttembergYield estimation for maize using remote sensing data1998 – 2000
Organization of a hyperspectral flight-campaign to assess the limnological and ecological condtions of the shore area of the ChiemseeLimnologischen Station Iffeldorf, TU MünchenDeduction of a flight campaign with an imaging spectrometer to assess the limnological and ecological conditions of the shore area of lake Chiemsee1998
Improvement of Flood monitoring and Flood management at upper Fodavari Becken (India) with remote sensingGTZImprovement of the Flood monitoring1995 – 1998
Training: “Application of the TR-20 Model”,”GIS and Remote Sensing for Hydrological Modelling” and “Advanced Remote Sensing Methods in Hydrology”GTZPreparation and conduction of a 6 week training of Indian scientists1997
Combination of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Optical Spectrometer Data in Aggregated ModelsGerman Aerospace Center (DLR), Institut für HochfrequenztechnikCombination of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Optical Spectrometer Data in Aggregated Models1996
Improvement of the methodical basis of yield estimation of maize with remote sensing dataMinisterium für Ernährung und Ländlicher Raum Baden WürttembergImprovement of the yield estimation of maize with remote sensing data1995 – 1996
Application of operational weather satellite data for flood forecastingLandesanstalt für Umweltschutz Baden-WürttembergImprovement of flood forecasting using weather satellite data1995