VISTA GmbH as an innovative value adding company in the field of remote sensing has over the last 20 years worked on translating state-of-the-art scientific methods into operational services. The fields of services and applications cover hydrology, agriculture and environment. Our vision is to be able to combine optical and radar satellite images of different resolutions as well as additional geospatial information in a scientifically sound, automated way to provide services both on the local as well as the global scale.

For this, processing chains for the handling of big data have been developed and implemented. Direct interfaces to several satellite data providers as well as cloud computing solutions assure efficiency and speed in handling the necessary data streams. An extensive resource pool, both of knowledge, data and in-house software solutions, has been accumulated. Significant focus is placed on using scientifically proven, model-based approaches for all analysis to guarantee scalability, transferability and minimum necessity for calibration.

VISTA concentrates its activities on two fields: agriculture and hydrology. In agriculture, the focus is on supporting management decisions, both in the fields of high-tech “smart” farming and organic farming. At all times, the sustainability of natural resource usage is a driving factor for VISTA’s work. In hydrology, the focus is also on supporting daily decision making, both in the fields of economic and ecological risk mitigation (e.g. flood forecast) as well as in the management of renewable energy production.

Hence, highly sophisticated data processing of optical and radar satellite data, development of specific in-situ systems and information extraction using dedicated algorithms, radiative transfer models and assimilation of the derived information into process models (e.g. water balance or crop growth models) are VISTA’s special know-how. Through collaborations in international science and technology projects, dedicated partnerships, and close customer relations, VISTA ensures that it can offer the best possible solution for requested information to users and customers.

Key products and services

  • Smart Farming Services (e.g. biomass and yield maps)
  • Monitoring of Land Cover and Land Use (incl. Crop Rotation, Land Use Intensity)
  • Snow Cover Monitoring and Snow Water Equivalent Modeling
  • Water Balance Modeling (incl. Snow, Soil and Vegetation, local to global scale)
  • Hydropower Generation Simulations
  • Flood Mapping
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring
  • Monitoring of Inland Water Quality
  • Hyperspectral Analyses (satellite, airborne, ground-based)
  • Satellite Image and Software Simulations
  • Software Development and Applications
  • Space Technology Consulting

Customer market sector

  • Agriculture management / Industry / Farmers
  • Water authorities / Civil Protection agencies
  • Energy Producers and Provides / Energy Trading
  • Environmental Agencies and Research Centers
  • Re – / Insurance Business
  • Space Agencies and Space Companies