Snow Monitoring


Snow Monitoring Snow has a major influence on runoff patterns in many parts of Central Europe and especially in the Alps. Accurate knowledge of snow cover can help to better understand the water balance and to better predict extreme events in runoff (floods), but also stored water (energy production). [...]

Flood Monitoring


Flood Mapping Evaluation of Earth Observation (EO) data in respect to flooding allows a quick and consistent overview of large areas in high accuracy. Analyses from EO data improve loss estimation resulting in more efficient, faster and more accurate operation. Results also support estimation of flooding risk. Flood Mapping Product [...]

Soil Moisture


Soil Moisture Large area soil moisture retrieval by current/conventional ground based observations is limited. For such spatial and temporal highly variable dynamic properties, like soil moisture, microwave remote sensing techniques, offer good opportunities for spatial monitoring. The method for near surface soil moisture derivation, developed at the LMU Munich, Department of Geography, was enhanced by [...]

Runoff and Energy


Runoff and Energy Forecast of hydroelectric power production for the energy industry For hydropower production, daily forecasts of energy production for gauges and hydropower plants, e.g. in the catchment area of the upper Danube, are simulated with PROMET. The water stored as snow above storage power plants is also modeled on an hourly [...]

Water Balance Modelling


Water Balance Modelling To provide spatial and temporal continuous information on the snow cover, the water balance is calculated using meteorological inputs and the parameters of the land surface by a physically model (PROMET). Meteo model inputs / NWPs enable weather station independent calculations and forecasts. The direct snow measurements from the stations and [...]

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