Change Detection


Change Detection Within scientific objectives the change detection is an important tool. For over 30 years satellite images provide the potential to realise a worldwide and temporal monitoring. Example: change monitoring of lakes using satellite images from 1988 to 2008 Fig. 1: The analysis of the expansion of the lake [...]

Biotope Mapping


Biotope Mapping Biotope mapping helps to survey natural landscape units and evaluate them concerning their habitat characteristics. Following is an example of a reed zone classification using AVIS data. The analyses are solely based on the spectral remotely sensed data without using any further in situ information. Accordingly, the allocated classes were chosen from [...]

Water Body Monitoring


Water Body Monitoring Satellite data is suitable for various questions concerning water body monitoring. Example 1 The airborne imaging spectrometer AVIS offers detailed information for the derivation of dissolved matter in water bodies because of its hyperspectral data and its high spectral sensitivity. Spectral analysis of a lake. Neighbouring [...]

Natural Disasters


Natural Disasters Storm damage, Flooding, Forest fires can be observed and analysed on a large scale world-wide via remote sensing. Not only for the insurance industry but also for administrations, authorities and the civil defence it can be important to know about the extent of a natural disaster. Damage can thus be estimated [...]

Land Use


Land Use Finding out the current land use is a central question in various subject areas like e.g.: Evaluation of the natural enivronment Water balance calculations Evaluation of the fraction of sealed area in urban areas Mapping of agricultural areas In the following three examples are shown that show the areas of application [...]

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