Water Balance Modelling

To provide spatial and temporal continuous information on the snow cover, the water balance is calculated using meteorological inputs and the parameters of the land surface by a physically model (PROMET). Meteo model inputs / NWPs enable weather station independent calculations and forecasts. The direct snow measurements from the stations and satellite derived spatial snow information are assimilated for exact and reliable results. Calculation of the run-off and aggregated products of hydro-power potential and forecast is optional.
Due to the transferable concept of the stations and the model, all catchments and regions can be monitored and provide large flexibility in performance and products

PROMET – Processes of Mass and Energy Transfer
  • Physically model, regional transferable
  • Long term development of the LMU Munich and VISTA (> 25 yr.)
  • Applied from local to global scale
  • Meteo station or model data/forecast as driver
  • Integration of online in-situ station snow measurements and satellite observations
  • Hourly calculations
  • Forecasts and scenarios
  • Dedicated options for Hydropower