Land Use

Finding out the current land use is a central question in various subject areas like e.g.:

  • Evaluation of the natural enivronment
  • Water balance calculations
  • Evaluation of the fraction of sealed area in urban areas
  • Mapping of agricultural areas

In the following three examples are shown that show the areas of application for land use classifications.

Example 1

Fig. 1: Land use classification for hydrological
modelling for flood forecasting and for comprehensive
management of watersheds
[ pdf, 121 KB].

Example 2

Fig. 2: Land use classification of a lake catchment for comprehensive lake monitoring;
Left = high-resolution satellite image, right = resulting land use classification

Example 3

Fig. 3: Land use classification and resulting fraction of sealed area in urban areas;
Left= satellite image; middle = classification result (Roof, sealed and unsealed area);
right = derived fraction of sealed area per lot
(further information can be found on the UrbanSense web site)