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Here you can find a selection of our products in the field of agriculture and smart farming:

The TF Base Map shows statistically significant, persistent patterns of relative biomass. The satellite-based TF Base Map is calculated from multi-year satellite data to exclude influences of current weather conditions and different crop types.

For information please visit the talkingfields website

The TF Biomass Map delivers the small-scale absolute biomass distribution on a field several times a year. Using a crop growth model and the integration of biomass observation from up-to-date satellite imagery, the TF Biomass Map can be calculated for any desired date.

For more information please visit the talkingfields website.

The TF Yield Map allows us to deliver small-scale information about the yield level at the harvest date retrospectively. Using meteorological data, a crop growth model and the assimilation of canopy observations from satellite images of the respective harvest year, the TF Yield Map is deducted.

For more information please visit the talkingfields website.

The application map constitutes either the analysis of an already carried out measure (sowing, fertilization, plant protection) or the deduction of a planned measure as generated by the farmer. The application map is transferred to the machine and serves as guideline for site-specific measures.