BayWa AG acquired 51% of VISTA GmbH’s shares, and thus underlines its long-term interest in the valuable know-how and potential for development of VISTA.

With the signature at the notary and a small celebration on July 25th 2017, VISTA and BayWa sealed their long-standing cooperation in the field of digital solutions for agriculture. These solutions are already integrated in the current portfolio of BayWa under the product name “TalkingFields” and are being successfully marketed by the BayWa subsidiary FarmFacts.

By working together, the goal of offering customers attractive satellite and model-based solutions can be further pursued. By linking satellite data, intelligent algorithms and big data applications, these solutions make a tangible contribution to value creation and conservation of resources.

In addition to agricultural products, applications and services in the fields of renewable energy and water are being developed, as well as in public sector research contracts and in cooperation with the space agencies ESA and DLR.

BayWa AG is a Munich-based international trade and service company with business activities in the three core segments of agriculture, energy and building materials. BayWa AG has nearly 17,000 employees in 40 countries and an annual revenue of 15.4 billion euros.

VISTA is now part of the new Innovation & Digitalisation segment of the BayWa Group.


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