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Project Description

Soil Moisture

Large area soil moisture retrieval by current/conventional ground based observations is limited. For such spatial and temporal highly variable dynamic properties, like soil moisture, microwave remote sensing techniques, offer good opportunities for spatial monitoring.

The method for near surface soil moisture derivation, developed at the LMU Munich, Department of Geography, was enhanced by VISTA to an operational processing chain.

Derivation of near surface soil moisture for agricultural areas and grassland using C-Band SAR

Left: C-Band Amplitude (spatial resolution 150m, ENVISAT WSM)

Right: Soil Moisture Volume (black: no information)
Areas south of Augsburg on 10. May 2009

Temporal dynamic of the soil moisture, monitored by ENVISAT ASAR Wide-Swath-Mode.

Entire catchments (here: Upper Danube) can be monitored in near-real-time,

independent from clouds in a spatial resolution of 1 km.

With the availability of the Sentinel-1 satellite, operated by ESA and the EC, the spatial and temporal availability of surface parameter observations could be increased. Now it is able to monitor also small scale dynamics, e.g. for agriculture, with an spatial resolution of 20 Meter

Temporal dynamics of the surface soil moisture with Sentinel-1 in 100m resolution

(Agricultural area north-east of Munich / Germany)